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Greg Jones --- Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation Vice President

Greg Jones

Founder & Vice President

Greg Jones is a founder and Vice President for the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation. Greg specializes in FTZ related lobbying, preparing more complex FTZ applications, and in assisting companies in integrating compliant and efficient FTZ procedures into their existing business practices during the FTZ activation process. Greg entered the Foreign-Trade Zones program in 1986, when he began operations for Foreign-Trade Zone No. 82 in Mobile, Alabama. Greg is a past president and an honorary life member of the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones. During his two years as NAFTZ president, Greg built on his extensive experience in dealing with both the Legislative and Administrative branches of the federal government as he represented FTZ interests during the passage of both NAFTA and Uruguay Round Legislation. Later, Greg led the trade community’s efforts in obtaining legislation that secured the “Weekly Entry Procedure” for distribution operations. This procedure has changed the face of distribution Foreign-Trade Zones. It provides enormous benefits for the Just-In-Time logistics operations of Zone users engaged in both manufacturing and distribution operations. The results of Greg’s efforts and the Senators that drove this legislation can be found in the Weekly Entry provision that is contained in the Trade and Growth Opportunity Act of 2000, which was enacted in May of 2000. In addition to working extensively with the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Board and Customs Headquarters, Greg’s regulatory and legislative efforts have required his interaction with representatives of the International Trade Commission, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Congressional Budget Office.

Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation Vice President Greg Jones


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