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Success Rate Remains Untouchable by Other Firms

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Foreign-Trade Zone Subzone and Manufacturing Applications

The FTZ Corporation has a remarkable record of success with preparing, submitting, and obtaining approval of Foreign-Trade Zone Board subzone and manufacturing applications. In many cases, the FTZ Corporation has received Foreign-Trade Zone Board approval for subzone and manufacturing applications and been successful in industries where other consulting or law firms have failed. The FTZ Corporation’s extraordinary success is even more noteworthy considering the FTZ Corporation has prepared and submitted over 100 Foreign-Trade Zone Board applications or requests.

Too often consulting or law firms place insufficient focus on trade policy issues and the proper presentation of data due to a lack of understanding of the Foreign-Trade Zone Board review process. This type of oversight can result not only in costly delays of the application’s approval, but even more expensive Foreign-Trade Zone Board restrictions that greatly reduce, or even eliminate FTZ savings.

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation has established its remarkable record of success by utilizing its in-depth knowledge of trade policy as well as its understanding of the criteria and methodology by which the FTZ Board evaluates applications in the careful preparation of our client’s Foreign-Trade Zone Board applications. This attentive, informed approach combined with both the FTZ Corporation’s vigilant monitoring of the application through the review process, and its skill in organizing political support when necessary, will help ensure your application receives a positive outcome.

Most recently, the FTZ Corporation has again broken new ground by preparing and securing the first FTZ manufacturing or subzone application ever that allowed the reduction of textile duty rates utilizing Foreign-Trade Zone manufacturing procedures. Prior to the recent furniture manufacturing successes, the FTZ Corpration had the same success in the Forklift Industry (previous service providers’ applications were denied), the first space launch vehicle application success, and other successes too numerous to mention.


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