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General Purpose Foreign-Trade Zone Project Administration

Most Foreign-Trade Zone Grantees are public or quasi-public entities such as Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Corporations, Counties, and Cities. While these organizations are committed to economic development of their community, and became FTZ Grantees to assist in developing their economy, it is rare to find Grantees that have the additional time, resources, and experience necessary to maximize the benefits of the Foreign-Trade Zone. In addition, there are numerous regulatory requirements that the Grantee must meet requiring even more time and experience. As a result many Grantees underutilize the benefits the Zone program offers as well as finding themselves needing the services of a consultant to meet the regulatory requirements. In order to maximize the significant benefits of the FTZ program, some Grantees contract with a Foreign-Trade Zone Project Administrator.

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation was one of the first firms to offer FTZ project administration. Currently it administers 9 zone projects on behalf of Grantees. The Zone projects the FTZ Corporation administer offer a greater level of success to the community and offer existing and prospective zone users such services as cost benefit analysis, answer compliance questions, conduct compliance reviews, and promote FTZ services while assisting those using the zone in maintaining compliance. The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation has an in-depth knowledge of the Foreign-Trade Zones Board’s regulations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s regulations, and the operational factors which Grantees must consider in order to maximize Zone use, remain compliant, and minimize their legal and financial risks.


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