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Can Ensure your FTZ Maximizes both Compliance and Savings

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Foreign-Trade Zone Regulatory and Operational Training

The FTZ Corporation is uniquely qualified to provide Foreign-Trade Zone administrative and operational training. Our hands-on day-to-day FTZ operational experience enables us to better train employees on proper day-to-day operations, procedures, paperwork, and other compliance related matters. The FTZ Corporation’s goal when providing FTZ related training is to transfer both the FTZ Corporation’s considerable compliance knowledge, as well as transfer the FTZ Corporation’s expertise and experience in day-to-day operations.

Our training experience extends far beyond our client base. The FTZ Corporation has trained U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Bureau of Census, and other government agencies, all at their request.

Having well trained personnel oversee your day-to-day FTZ operations results in larger net savings and protection from compliance infractions. Whether providing a regulatory training update to existing employees, providing training after employee turnover, or implementing an ongoing compliance training program to help meet “reasonable care” requirements, the FTZ Corporation is the best firm to provide that training.


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