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FTZ Activation with U.S. Customs and Border Protection

In order to actually obtain Zone benefits once a facility has received Foreign-Trade Zone designation, a company must first activate its facility with Customs and Border Protection. During the FTZ activation process the manner in which FTZ procedures are established and implemented will affect the efficiency and compliance of Zone operations for years to come. FTZ Operations established with inefficient or non-compliant procedures result in increased administration costs, decreased CBP compliance, and lower Zone savings.

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation will use its real-life operational experience and expertise gained from completing over 1,000 FTZ consulting projects to ensure its client’s operations and procedures are not only efficient and compliant, but result in lower administration cost while maximizing FTZ savings.

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation consultants are true FTZ practitioners with hands-on knowledge of FTZ Operations. The FTZ Corporation has a history of successful activations and fighting for our clients. The basis of our knowledge and understanding is simple. The FTZ Corporation’s senior consultants average more than 20 years each Foreign-Trade Zone experience.

The FTZ Corporation’s vigilant dedication to providing our client’s with the most efficient Foreign-Trade Zone procedures possible, has led to the establishment of many efficient cutting edge Zone procedures that are considered commonplace today.

Our clients benefit from our years of hands-on experience. While most consultants gain their experience from the “outside looking in” through seminars, manuals, or on-the-job training with a consulting firm, the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation’s senior consultants are true FTZ practitioners. Whether meeting with legislators, discussing related trade policy, such as pending Free Trade Agreements, with senior administration officials and trade negotiators, preparing and submitting FTZ applications, or determining how to handle “customer returns” on the warehouse floor, the FTZ Corporation has the experience, knowledge, and skill to achieve the results you desire. Regardless of the Zone Project, the FTZ Corporation will provide a successful solution based on knowledge and experience.


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