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The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation is the Only Firm

That Can Offer its Clients a Complete Turnkey FTZ Solution

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Turnkey Foreign-Trade Zone Solution

The majority of companies that embark on implementing a Foreign-Trade Zone program require the combination of three key solutions before they can begin realizing FTZ savings and benefits. The FTZ Corporation is the only firm that can provide all three solutions. By providing all solutions necessary, the FTZ Corporation can offer a discount for the Turnkey Solution it offers. The reason we can offer a discount is that by offering all solutions necessary, the implementation is more efficient for both the Client and FTZ Corporation. The three key solutions provided in our Turnkey Solutions include:

  • Obtaining Foreign-Trade
    Zone Status:

In order to realize the benefits offered by the Foreign-Trade Zones Program, your firm must be either located in a FTZ, or have your facility receive FTZ status designation.  There are a number of methods to obtain FTZ status, and the FTZ Corporation is uniquely qualified to ensure you receive this designation with its 100% success rate and unmatched level of expertise.  The most common methods of obtaining FTZ status is through one of the following methods:

  • Activation with Customs and
    Border Protection:

Before you can “go-live” and begin receiving your FTZ benefits, you must Activate with Customs and Border Protection.  While about 10% of this process is regulatory paperwork and documentation, the lion’s share of a successful activation relies on the implementation of efficient operations, procedures, and systems. 
The FTZ Corporation’s years of hands-on experience combined with its consulting success will ensure your firm has a successful FTZ activation that is built on efficient and compliant procedures.  In short, we will ensure that you maximize your FTZ savings. 

  • Implementation of
    SmartZone Premier Software:


When operating a Foreign-Trade Zone, a company will need robust Foreign-Trade Zone inventory and record keeping system to manage the day-to-day FTZ operations.  The system will need to meet CBP regulatory requirements, print Customs and Border Protection reports, forms, CBP entry documentation, as well as perform many other tasks and processes unique to the Foreign-Trade Zones program.

SmartZone Premier, built on Intelligent Web client (IWC) platform, offers the most technologically advanced software available.  In addition, the fact that the compliance and business rules were designed by true FTZ practitioners provides you with the security that you are, and will remain, compliant.


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