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Bundled Solution to Compliance and Marketing

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Bundled FTZ Services for Grantees

With the FTZ Corporation’s experience administering Zones on behalf of Grantees for two decades, the FTZ Corporation has gained the unique experience necessary to assist Grantees in ensuring they obtain the maximum benefit possible from their FTZ program. When administering projects and providing consulting services for Grantees, the FTZ Corporation understands the goals of the Grantees and focuses on ensuring those goals are met.

The Grantee Regulatory and Documentation Bundle offers services to Grantees that include a marketing plan that is designed to attract potential tenants and users to the Zone. In addition, the bundle provides all the documentation Grantees need to be compliant with the Foreign-Trade Zones Board, as well as have the contracts and documents necessary for Grantees are prepared to go-live with new General Purpose Zone, and Subzone Users.

Grantee Preparation and Documentation Bundle includes the development of the following documents, and presentation of a FTZ seminar:

  • Marketing Plan:

A marketing plan developed with the Grantee’s goals in mind, as well as the FTZ Corporation’s use of a surgical approach to marketing will provide the Grantee with a blueprint to promote its Zone.

  • User Fee Schedule:

A fee schedule should fit the needs and development goals of the Grantee.  In addition, the fee schedule must meet certain regulatory requirements, and is a required portion of the Zone Schedule.

  • Zone Schedule:

The Foreign-Trade Zone Board regulations require that every FTZ has a Zone Schedule filed with the FTZ Board.  The FTZ Corporation will prepare a regulatory compliant Zone Schedule that fits the needs of the Grantee.

  • Operator Agreements:

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation has likely drafted more Operator Agreements than any other firm.  The FTZ Corporation will use its years of experience to draft an Agreement that creates an environment that promotes easier administration of the Zone, as well as protects the Grantee from liabilities that most firms do not even know exist.

  • Present a FTZ Seminar:

Present a half day Foreign-Trade Zone Seminar to the local and regional economic development community. 

  • The economic development community often has the first contact with prospects considering locating in the area.  They also have strong relationships with existing industries in the area.  Ensuring that the economic development community understand FTZ benefits so they can identify firms that can benefit from the FTZ program is key to the success of your Zone.

Present a half day Foreign-Trade Zone Seminar to the local and regional business and industrial community.

  • Educating existing businesses located in your local and regional community is an important step in attracting new users to your Zone

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